Our opencase site – is a store of random items from CS:GO game. We guarantee a possibility of receiving rare and very rare weapon skins from CS:GO game ( classified , covert , knives ). At the same time we declare that we are not a lottery without risk of loss. Sure it's not "no-risk" lottery , all "no-lose" sites are scam and cheat players, for the purpose of enrichment. Our service provides an opportunity to get a rare items by opening CS:GO cases. Trades sends automatically, without any delays, 7 days waiting problems and other nonsense! Paid = received. The problems can be only on client side (bad tradelink, 15-days ban). If you can't take skins right now your items will be able to take anytime. If you have temporary tradeban, you can always login to our website and take your stuff when it ends. Successful openings to you, friends!