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    Our website of opening of cases – is a store of random items from CS:GO game. We guarantee a possibility of receiving rare and very rare weapon skins from CS:GO game ( classified , covert , knives ). At the same time we declare that we are not a lottery without risk of loss. Undoubtedly statements about non-risk lottery have under themselves no reason , they are false and also aimed at cheating players, for the purpose of enrichment. Our service provides an opportunity to get a rare items on steam account by opening CS:GO cases. Prizes are given automatically, without any delays, 7 days waiting problems and other nonsense! Paid = received. The problem with obtaining can only be due to blockage of trade links. But your skins will be waiting for you on our bots unlimited time. When the blocking of the trade link passes, you can always login to our website and take your stuff. Successful openings to you, friends!

      This case works by the principle of Real- time inventory. This means that every image of gun, witch located inside the case, shows real item, witch is in the bot right now which is servicing this case. If the item is not on the bot right now, image of the item will dissapear or not load.

      This case is a bonus. You can open it for RP points, when you will receive the rank. You can recieve RP points and rank as a result of opening any cases except bonus cases. Amount of RP, which is necessary for a single opening of a case is specified on it. XP points, which you need for a rank, earning once and will not be charged.

      Table of ranks is right here